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Live Streaming – No problem

  • Date: August 21, 2023
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Live Streaming

At Balance Boardroom we have three dedicated studios designed for both In-person Training and Events and Live Streaming or both.


Whether you are a corporate client looking to engage your team during social distancing, a trainer needing to deliver online and in-person sessions or planning an event that you now want to maximise your online sessions.


Balance Boardroom and OMG Live Streaming can help you. All our studios can accommodate both in-person attendees and online at the same time!


DMDU Live stream via DMDU App – 800 attendees, 2 stages, 30 sessions,
20 speakers from around the world, live. Multiple camera, graphics, chat and Q&A


Call us today and we can help you deliver engaging, effective solutions for your next event or training, in-person, live streamed or both.

Phone 1300 282277 or email: info@balanceboardroom.com.au