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Co-working Space Etiquette – the “do’s and dont’s”

  • Date: December 18, 2023
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You’ve found yourself in the co-working community which will provide you with a base of operations and resources to help expand your business.  These connections may last a lifetime. Sounds almost too good to be true right? 

To gain the most in a co-working environment, there are a few things we recommend you take on board if you want the experience to be a success.  

  • Taking the opportunity to make connections

Co-working spaces are regarded as a wonderful opportunity for networking. The gift to network no doubt delivers success for many businesses. Building rapport is a very important part of coworking spaces. The keyword there is ‘building’, take time to build connections with those around you and avoid being forceful. Over time this will help build a positive work environment for yourself and others in the co-working space community.

  • Tall Poppy Syndrome

“Tall Poppy Syndrome is a commonly used term referring to the expectation that poppies should grow together, and if one grows too tall, it is cut down to size.” 

Everyone likes a bit of attention but to seek ALL the attention could be to your detriment… don’t be THAT person. Many opportunities can come about in a co-working space but essentially, everyone is there to get their work done. You are in a collective environment so avoid being the distraction.

  • Show Up

Co-working spaces have so much to offer. Support from other businesses, relationships that can grow beyond business transactions, and reputation in the community.  

All these things add value to your life and business, so suit up and show up. You must treat these relationships with care to build respect within the co-working community.

  • Drama Queen ALERT!

Our experience is that there is rarely an issue with drama at our co-working space, but it has happened. Sometimes people feel it is the interests of everyone to hear all the dramatic goings on in their life. Our best advice is to be self-aware and careful not to corner someone in the kitchen with your personal dramas.

Nonetheless, don’t let this deter you from asking for help, everyone is more than happy to support each other, especially the hosts of your co-working space.  

  • Do Not Spam the Members

Most co-working spaces have secret forums for members, from Facebook Groups to running network events. On these occasions you are able to gain access to contact information from other businesses or details from a member’s directory. Under no circumstances should this information be used for your own mailing list unless you have been given permission.

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